Benjamin Drory

Benjamin Drory

Workplace Investigator & Mediator

Benjamin (Ben) Drory conducts external workplace investigations in a variety of sectors and industries, in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces. In this capacity, Ben acts a neutral arms-length party, meeting with witnesses and reviewing relevant documentary and other evidence. Ben’s expertise, in addition to his interview skills, is in the assessment of evidence obtained in the investigative process, including determining the weight and value to give to the evidence, and making credibility findings. Ben provides detailed, thorough investigation reports, setting out a clear analysis of the evidence and the findings of fact, in addition to assessing policy breaches when requested.

Ben has extensive investigative experience in diverse fields.  He has conducted municipal ombudsman investigations in the Greater Toronto Area, and investigated cases relating to several of Canada’s chartered banks through the ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office.  He previously worked full-time as an investigator for the City of Toronto, respecting the ethical compliance of members of its City Council, and board members of its agencies and tribunals.

Ben is also an experienced mediator, adjudicator, and legal writer.  He is accredited as a Chartered Mediator and Chartered Arbitrator by the ADR Institute of Canada – the country’s highest designations in those fields – and is a mediation coach in York University’s Certificate in Dispute Resolution program.  Ben has conducted a large number of mediations and hearings, and also actively volunteers as a community mediator in Toronto.  He is able to leverage this background to engage with participants empathetically, respectfully, and effectively, and produce thorough and well-reasoned reports.

Ben completed his Juris Doctor and Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Toronto, and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2004.  Ben is a Member of the City of Toronto’s Administrative Penalty Tribunal, and the Condominium Authority Tribunal (Ontario).  He holds certificates from the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators, Ombudsman Ontario, the Workplace Fairness Institute, and the Certified Coaches Federation.

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